It’s only about 6

Oh of course they are. Trump and his goons are “questioning” the stats. Naturally.

President Trump has complained to advisers about the way coronavirus deaths are being calculated, suggesting the real numbers are actually lower — and a number of his senior aides share this view, according to sources with direct knowledge.

It’s actually about 30 deaths total, and a few hundred cases. Way less than the flu, and less than falling off the barn while taking a selfie.

A senior administration official said he expects the president to begin publicly questioning the death toll as it closes in on his predictions for the final death count and damages him politically.

In other words someone in Trump’s gang expects him to start lying about the death toll for his personal political gain.

Reality check: There is no evidence the death rate has been exaggerated, and experts believe coronavirus deaths in the U.S. are being undercounted — not overcounted.

And cases are being way undercounted because there’s so little testing.

The number of people dying over the past few weeks, in many parts of the country, is a lot higher than average, suggesting that the official count of coronavirus-related deaths is still missing tens of thousands of people.

But Trump is going to say there are tens of thousands too many as opposed to too few. Because he’s a lying thieving cheat.

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