Difficult v devastating

The embarrassing shameful bit where Trump stands there like a palooka who doesn’t know where his arms go, watching Redfield explain what he said to the Post.

To be fair, for once Trump does have a ghost of a point: Redfield said one thing in the interview and the Post said another thing in the headline. Redfield says the interview was accurate and the headline wasn’t. That happens a lot: the reporters don’t write the headlines, and the people who do write them don’t always bother with accuracy. It has annoyed me often. Redfield said the next wave would be more difficult, the headline said more devastating. Not the same thing.

But the only reason Trump cares is because he thinks the headline makes him look bad – him, Donald Trump, the only person who matters.

And then when Redfield finishes Trump shouts at him urgently “But we may not even have corona coming back, just so you underst -” – which is bullshit.

Do look at the way he’s standing. He does it to hide his gut, but the result is his arms dangle awkwardly in front of his body, and his bum sticks out in back. He looks ridiculous, and doesn’t even realize it.

That would make a good headline.

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