Facing scrutiny

Pink News flings its stones at the witch with its usual sloppy illiterate vacuous zeal.

The SNP’s new equalities convener is facing scrutiny for her support of anti-trans pressure group For Women Scotland and the author JK Rowling.

Scrutiny from this Pink News reporter at least. That’s so typical of this kind of shite – agent-free accusations of “scrutiny” – from whom? Besides you there at your laptop?

Elections for the party’s national executive committee on Monday (30 November) saw Lynne Anderson chosen by the party membership to serve as equalities convener, giving her a crucial say in SNP policy.

And Nick Duffy, the hack who wrote this, wants the party membership to un-give that crucial say. He has her under scrutiny, after all.

He tells us what she tweeted. Then he tells us what David Paisley tweeted about her. What more do we need to know? (I’m doing the same thing right now, but I’m not Pink News trying to take someone’s political appointment away.)

Then he shares a whole bunch of tweets from someone else, as if they were eyewitness testimony to a murder. Then –

Earlier this week, more than 700 people signed an open letter condemning a “crisis of inaction on transphobic abuse” in Scotland and demanding that Holyrood launch an independent inquiry into transphobia in political parties.

The signatories, who come from across Scotland’s political spectrum, came together to ask cisgender allies to “put pressure on all political parties to take internal complaints of transphobic abuse seriously”.

Therefore…Lynn Anderson should not be SNP equalities convenor? It’s less than convincing, yet this collection of irrelevant tweets was brandished in the Edinburgh LGBTI+ Facebook group as if it were a damning exposé, and then some feminist women were kicked out of the group for objecting, and all their comments were deleted.

It’s total obedience or nothing in this world.

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