How to ensure unanimity

There’s a public Facebook group called Edinburgh LGBTI+. Note the public part: anyone can read the posts. It shares details in a top of the page post:

Edinburgh LGBTI+ Community Group is intended as a safe space for all members of our community, regardless of race, religion, sex, gender, sexuality, trans identity, and ability/disability. We stand, to the best of our current knowledge and understanding, against both direct and indirect discrimination, striving to be anti-racist, anti-abilist, anti-ageist, anti-religious discrimination. We are anti-asexual erasure, anti-aromantic erasure, anti-intersex erasure, anti-bisexual erasure and anti-polyamory erasure. We are pro-trans rights, pro-nonbinary rights. Ultimately we are pro-human rights.

It’s oddly careful to say nothing about women or sexism or misogyny or feminism. It does say “regardless of sex” along with all the other categories, but that’s the closest it gets to mentioning women, i.e. not very close. (It also doesn’t mention class. There’s room to mention the aromantic, but not the working class.)

The admins just did a purge of people they call transphobic, and deleted all comments made by the women they call transphobic. The dispute was over a post calling someone…transphobic, of course. The evidence was an article at Pink News.

Our equalities chief is not fit for purpose and if she cannot represent the needs of all of us, then she should not be getting to serve any of us, please please please get in touch with your local mp and also to Nicola sturgeon as this should not be allowed to happen. Long story short, she is a transphobe and as such, is not fit for her job. I call on others to join me in sharing and encouraging others to also contact their mps in order to stop this being allowed to continue.

The Pink News headline is: New SNP equalities chief proudly supports JK Rowling and anti-trans pressure group For Women Scotland.

Same old same old same old. She’s a witch, throw your stones now.

There were dissenters, as I mentioned, but they’re gone and so is everything they said. It’s unanimous! New SNP equalities chief is definitely a witch, everyone says so!

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