For their pain to be recognized as valid

Glosswitch pointed out one perverse aspect of the trans juggernaut.

We know that being trans is highly fashionable, and also energetically encouraged from many directions. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t also attract hostility and persecution, but we do know there are plenty of cheerleaders around. I hadn’t quite noticed the paradox that those cheerleaders also insist that being trans (or at least being dysphoric) is agony, but of course they do and of course it is a paradox. Maybe a lot of the putative agony is manufactured, precisely by the biggest cheerleaders for the trans juggernaut. “You’re awesome and stunning and brave and also very likely to kill yourself – welcome aboard!”

I’ve been assuming the shouts about agony and suicide were meant for the gender skeptics, and hadn’t really thought about how it might affect people who think of themselves as trans. Now that Victoria has mentioned it, it seems both likely and horrifying.

Also self-perpetuating, because more and more people are saying “Wait, slow down, take a deep breath, don’t do anything drastic – puberty is no picnic for anyone, and no one is overjoyed with every single aspect of their sex. The social rules about which sex can do what are stupid, so ignore or reform those, but don’t try to swap your genitalia for the other set.” Because more people are saying that, cheerleaders for the ideology have to push back harder and harder, by amping up the claims that we are The Road to Suicide.

Humans do get themselves into such messes.

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