He has a thick skin


A trans footballer who endured online abuse after announcing she was joining a professional team said the experience has been “hurtful.”

That is, a man who wants to play football against women has received some pushback.

Sammy Walker, 29, from Bristol, was targeted by Twitter users who labelled her a “paedophile” and claimed she was stealing places from female players.

Because he is stealing a place from a female player. That’s how that works. If the team gives a place to him then there’s a woman who didn’t get that place.

“I fought tooth and nail to be me, and it obviously hurts,” she said.

Heedless of how his tooth and nail fighting affects women, isn’t he. Male-typical obliviousness. Also what he fought for was not “to be me” but “to be universally recognized as something I’m not.”

The FA’s policy on trans people in football states “gender identity should not be a barrier to participation”.

But gender identity is not the issue, the issue is a man playing against women. It’s not to do with identity, it’s to do with bodies – muscles, lungs, pelvises, heights, weights.

Trans individuals who wish to play professionally are judged on a case-by-case basis. Players must submit blood samples to prove their testosterone levels do not give them a physical advantage.

That’s woefully inadequate. Men have an array of advantages and they’re not all determined by testosterone.

“It’s frustrating that people think my participation is a risk to women’s sport in general,” she said.

But it’s also frustrating that his participation is a risk to women’s sport and that he doesn’t give a shit. It’s frustrating that he’s so eager to take a place from a woman and put the women on his team at risk by his presence. It’s frustrating that the BBC is reporting this story so incompetently.

While the club she has signed for has been supportive, Ms Walker, who played academy football before transitioning, says the experience has been “upsetting.”

“I’ve got a thick skin and it will take more than words on a screen to deter me,” she added.

He’s got a thick skin and he doesn’t give a good god damn about the women he’s cheating and endangering.

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