Hearing of things

Trump did his West Point event today, the one that meant 1107 graduates had to leave isolation and return to West Point so that Bumbling Don could bumble through some words in front of them. As always when he reads a speech he sounded exhausted, clogged, sniffy, drunk.

Plus what he said was of course garbage.

“that many people have never even heard of,” he says with a tired sneer. He means he’s never heard of them, because he’s an ignorant lump of flesh. The ignorance of people who don’t care about anything outside of North Dakota says nothing whatever about the significance of a country or the people who live in it. It’s typical of Trump to think it does though.


And it got worse.

People are speculating on the exact nature of his physical deterioration. Maybe it’s all the evil, maybe it’s poisoned his bloodstream.

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