Hullo clouds hullo sky

Melodrama and hyperbolic overreaction and loud fits of rage are always a winning political strategy, right? Always the way to win people over to your side? Always the cue to open the floodgates of sympathy and solidarity?Especially when based on an ideological commitment and command to deny material reality as the basis of the belief system?

Deeply. Deeply worried. Deeply worried and saddened. Deeply worried and saddened at the comments and actions.

What “comments and actions” caused this tragic attack of worry and sorrow? Saying that a part of the female anatomy is a part of the female anatomy.

So profound and agonizing is this state of worry and sadness that they can’t even wait for a new paragraph before rushing to tell the poor crumpled sobbing heap of trans people that they – Canterbury Young Labour, or at least the member of Canterbury Young Labour in charge of their Twitter account – extend their unconditional solidarity and love to trans people – all of them, sight unseen, no questions asked, no conditions leveled, just love love love. It’s so wet – it’s wetter than fotherington-tomas at his very wettest. This isn’t politics, it’s amateur therapy, and by the way it’s not working.

It’s not “transphobic” to say an accurate thing about female anatomy. Telling the truth about female anatomy does not “harm trans people,” and telling lies about female anatomy and bullying women when we object does harm women. Funny how there are never any heaps of sobbing allies offering us unconditional solidarity and love.

HELLO CLOUDS! HELLO SKY! – the heart thrills

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