If you say it six times it is true

Amnesty UK decides the important thing to talk about right now is gender identity.

That’s not how their how-to guide starts though. How does it start? With a pack of lies.


Your anatomy doesn’t determine your gender identity and neither does the “gender binary”.

Scare quotes on “gender binary” but none on gender identity. What is “gender identity”? The fatuous idea that sex is not determined by the body but by thoughts in the head. Translated into non-nonsense that sentence would read “Your anatomy doesn’t determine your sex and neither does the fact that humans are sexually dimorphic”…which is far more recognizable as an absurdity. Your anatomy does determine your sex, and the fact that humans are sexually dimorphic is just that – a fact.

But Amnesty wants us to ignore all this in order to “be kind.” How about getting Amnesty to “be kind” to us by ceasing to tell us to lie about sex and anatomy?

What is the gender binary? The gender binary is the idea that there are only two genders – male and female.

Two sexes, and it’s not an idea, it’s material reality.

In reality, gender is much more like a spectrum – it isn’t set in stone and some people have fluid or fluctuating gender identities.

Notice the unmarked jump from gender to gender identities. It’s all so sneaky, this shit – they pretend gender is the same as sex, and then in the next breath they pretend gender is the same as gender identity. Thus endless bales of bullshit get stacked mile-high.

Sex is not a spectrum. Stone has nothing to do with it. People have “fluid or fluctuating” personalities, but their sex remains their sex.

And on and on it goes. We know all this, but it’s just so exasperating to see adults keep insisting on all this trump-level bullshit…especially during a pandemic. Are our last words going to be “men are not womennnnnnnnnnn”?

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