Fair Play for Women has a distressing account of a hearing on gender bullshit:

If the latest inquiry into Gender Recognition Act (GRA) reform by the Women and Equalities Select Committee (WESC) is to be productive and worthwhile, it needs to be conducted in a genuine spirit of inquiry and neutrality. Our analysis of the questions asked in the first two hours of oral evidence suggests there is still work to do. Everyone was asked how to make things better for trans people, while the needs of women were not raised with trans panellists. The sympathetic tone and framing of questions to the transgender panellists was in marked contrast to the challenging approach taken with the academics asked to represent women’s concerns. The framing and tone of questions revealed an underlying stance that self-ID was necessary and any discussion to the contrary leads to the trans community being harmed and ignored.

How did this happen? How did government bodies get captured so thoroughly so quickly? Why are so many adults in government so credulous about all this?

For the first hour, MPs on the committee asked a series of gentle, empathetic, and sometimes leading, questions of the trans witnesses. They expressed sympathy with their position, and did not challenge or request evidential back-up for a single claim. That their sympathies lay with trans people and not women was clear from the start.

Peter Gibson’s questions were based on the premise that the needs of trans community had simply been ignored by the government rather than fairly balanced alongside all stakeholder groups in society:

“Could you outline to us what impact that being ignored in the government’s proposals will have on the trans community?” and

“if you could outline for us, your views on what the impact on the trans community would be by this being ignored as a result of the consultation.”

But they apparently didn’t ask the academics representing women’s concerns for their views on being ignored.

Somehow women have become the settled, permanent, hidebound, rich and powerful ruling class, while men who say they are women are the forlorn quivering victims of those cruel cold ruthless women.

Repeatedly the MPs asserted that there were difficulties for trans people and asked the women what should be done. They did not ask the trans academics what should be done for women.

Angela Crawley:

“What are the consensus of women’s views around what they feel would perhaps alleviate the fears and concerns but would also address some of these inequalities that are faced by trans community?”

Questions like that for the “trans community” but no questions like that for the female community.

It’s as if everyone’s hypnotized. I don’t get it.

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