Just give her the RIGHT binder

This is horrifying. I mean really horrifying, as in you feel fear and horror.

Some replies:

  • This sounds like medical malpractice. The patient is in clear physical discomfort. A responsible doctor would tell them to stop and let their body repair itself. Does the @gmcuk have a view on this?
  • Would this “doctor” give an anorexic teenager tips on how to starve herself further? This is shocking.
  • I’m not sure how to express what the current output from you make me feel, but I do know the overarching reaction is terror. What are you doing? Why are you promoting this? Please direct me to somewhere in your output where you tell young people there are alternatives, to pause
  • I want this woman to know that butch lesbians are beautiful – to be celebrated and lifted up and that she can have the freedom to be one. Please stop mutilating vulnerable teens & kids!!

What’s all the fuss about an occasional rib “popping out”? And not being able to breathe or run, and constant pain, yes yes, but why all the fuss?

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