Loudly and at length

The CDC says a new thing about how the virus spreads:

Two weeks after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention removed online guidance about airborne transmission of the coronavirus, the agency has replaced it with language citing new evidence that the virus can spread beyond six feet indoors, adrift in the air.

“These transmissions occurred within enclosed spaces that had inadequate ventilation,” the new guidance said. “Sometimes the infected person was breathing heavily, for example while singing or exercising.”

Or shouting or haranguing…

Despite the time former Vice President Joseph R. Biden spent with President Trump during the presidential debate, Mr. Biden is continuing to campaign because he did not meet the C.D.C. requirement for close contact — less than six feet of distance from an infected person.

But in a statement to the press accompanying the new guidance, the C.D.C. said, “People are more likely to become infected the longer and closer they are to a person with Covid-19.”

Mr. Trump talked loudly and at length during the debate, which experts said could have released ten times as much virus as breathing alone.


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