Make America infected again

I’m wrong that Trump can’t fire Fauci. Jonathan Chait says he can.

Here the preening smirking goat is saying he will.

It has been obvious for weeks that President Trump plans to fire Dr. Fauci. Trump has stripped Fauci and other public-health officials of all influence in decisions on how to handle the pandemic — or to be precise, not to handle it — and handed it over to unqualified right-wing crank Scott Atlas. Trump and his minions have repeatedly mocked Fauci for saying true things about COVID-19 (masks work, we have not turned the corner, a vaccine is not going to make it disappear quickly) that violate his political line.

Of course, presidents have the right to fire executive branch officials. (Fauci is a civil servant, which means Trump would need to order Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to fire him.)

Ah. There I was thinking civil servants were protected. Stupid of me.

He might come to regret it though – Fauci would probably be on CNN and MSNBC every night.

But let’s be more optimistic. Let’s hope he loses resoundingly and his head explodes before he has time to get rid of Fauci.

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