Make it ugly

I saw something yesterday saying Melania Trump would be saying something for the Republican convention from “the newly renovated [by her] White House Rose Garden.” Uh oh, I thought, what’s she done to it.


To be fair, the one on the left is obviously spring – the crabapple* trees would not be flowering even if they were still there. But they’re not still there. They’ve been swept away. The vibrant various colors have been replaced by icy blue and white.

It’s funny, in a way, because the minimalism is so unlike the vulgar garishness of that Trump Tower apartment, but it’s still horrible, only in a different way. It’s cold and stiff and empty instead of lush and various and joyous. It’s reminiscent of that gruesome all-silver Xmas decoration of the interior.

And there will be no crabapple blossom next spring.

*Or cherry. I had cherry at first then changed to crabapple because

but then

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