Never before seen in history

Last summer Twitter permabanned Roger Dubar of Satiria. Of course it did.

A brand-new ideological view of “gender identity” has appeared, never before seen in history. It holds that the only difference between men and women is self-declared “gender identity”. It insists, regardless of their biological sex, that gender non-conforming people are the gender they say they are. It also insists that it is hate speech to even suggest that no one ever believed these ideas before.

Biological sex has real-world implications, in medicine, women’s sports, women’s prisons, statistical reporting, criminology, sexual attraction and in many other areas. Sex remains a protected characteristic in human rights law, despite the best efforts of some trans rights activists to change that. Expanding the definition of “women” to include men makes the word meaningless. Ironically, trans activists claiming that sex reduces womanhood to a matter of “biology” instead want to make being a woman nothing more than a personal belief.

If it were nothing more than a personal belief we would be able to declare ourselves men and see sexism vanish overnight.

I became interested in all this a few years back when I was describing in a Facebook thread my own experiences growing up as gender non-conforming . A trans teenager told me to go and kill myself and said they could not wait until all the “TERFs” were dead.

This level of deranged hatred from purported progressives, together with episodes like ambivalence on the Left to the murder of staff at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (who, apparently, had it coming) led me to start the satirical account Satiria as a creative outlet.

Naturally Twitter isn’t going to put up with that sort of thing.

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