Oger trolling

The loathsome Morgane Oger is gloating about Vancouver’s withdrawal of education funding for Vancouver Rape Relief, because VRR is an all-women organization.

A “purity test” he calls it. A man who pretends to be a woman calls a women’s organization for women who have been raped “a supremacist organization with a purity test on womanhood”…because it doesn’t agree with him that he is a woman. It’s as if Michael Bloomberg were a trans poor person and accused people who don’t agree that he’s a poor person “supremacists” conducting “purity tests.” Women are women, only women are women, men are not women, men are men – none of that is purity, it’s just humdrum daily reality, that doesn’t magically become something else just because we tell it too.


“Standing strong”=defunding part of VRR’s work.

It’s not VRR who should be embarrassed.

The organization does “recognize female persons to be female”; it doesn’t recognize male people as female, nor should it.

The male entitlement rises off Oger like steam.

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