Morgane Oger says women who won’t comply get the wall

Morgane Oger says Vancouver Rape Relief asked for it.

Regrettably but predictably, VRR choosing to ignore Canada’s civil rights laws causes blow-back. I empathize VRR feel threatened by the predictable response to their conduct. As I have previously offered, I am ready to help VRR get out of their mess if they wish to.

Sadly, people do misguided things that vent their anger but do little to further the cause they see as theirs. One constructive way to de-legitimize these actions is to participate in no injustice that can be pointed at as worthy of blow-back.

He means that VRR is “participating in an injustice” in not hiring men who identify as women to work as rape counselors. The fact that women who have been raped don’t want male rape counselors is beside the point as far as Oger is concerned. It’s all about what the men who identify as women want, and the women who have been raped just have to take what they’re given…kind of like how rape works.

Oger says it’s ok though because the threats weren’t aimed at the raped women, they were aimed at the organization that helps them.

These threats were not aimed at victims of sexual violence but against an organization run by TERFs and those persons themselves. Such foolish threats can not be condoned and are harmful. Somebody doing awful things gives no license to threaten violence.

I do not support inciting anyone killing or otherwise harming anyone else on the basis of who they are or what they believe.

The appropriate response to the views of TERFs, facists, racists, or other supremacists is education. To handle their harmful actions, we employ police.

He calls feminists who provide rape services the equivalent of fascists, racists, and “other supremacists.”

He accuses them of “inciting harm.”

VRR has been inciting harm towards transgender women since 1995. I empathize with the women this organization refused to help far more than with this easily-replaced corporate entity.

He’s tapping these out with the speed of a machine gun.

He’s a pig.

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