Gender Heretic wrote up the JK Rowling shock-horror.

…the calls of “TERF!” and “transphobe!” did not begin with anything Rowling said about trans people.

No, Rowling’s great sin was to push back against the erasure of the word “women” and its replacement with “people who menstruate.”

Let’s think about that. Let’s think about why feminist women would object to the fact that we are being deleted from public conversation. Why would we object to that? Is it because we’re Karens?

I don’t think so. I think it’s because, if we can’t say “women” when we talk about women’s issues now, how can feminism even exist? Shouldn’t feminism be deleted from public conversation too? (Many are working on that very project even as we speak.) Shouldn’t we be required to say peopleism instead of feminism now? Now that the word “women” has been declared exclusionary?

If women’s issues have been found to be not exclusive to women, then it turns out feminism has been a big mistake all this time, right? Especially since after all, if women don’t like it, all they have to do is be men. That’s way easier than trying to get people to understand that women aren’t uniformly stupid and helpless and inferior.

Oppression begins with language.

When the meaning of the word “woman” includes men, and the women become “menstruators,” then women lose the power to speak clearly about their lived experience of oppression.

Imagine the Black Lives Matter movement being told to stop using the word “black” and start referring to themselves as “melanins,” and you have some idea what has happened to feminism lately.

Actually what women are being told is starker than that. The analogy would be the Black Lives Matter movement being told to stop using the word “black” and use the word “all” instead. It’s interesting how activist types despise that demand but love and obey and enforce the equivalent that’s addressed to women.

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