Respecting the views

Yet another one.

The red haze of fury that immediately descended prevented me from noticing the staggering rudeness of simply cc-ing Stock on an email to others as opposed to communicating with her directly. I guess that’s because the latter would require apologies? I guess it’s just simpler and quicker for the bullies in charge to discuss it among themselves and cc the people they’re bullying?

I find this simply enraging. Preemptive “on second thought no” a mere week beforehand, on the basis of utterly spurious “health and safety issues” – which by the way are immediately nullified by the suggestion that a “transgender speaker” should be invited.

And all this in aid of the new and preposterous doctrine that we are required to accept men’s claims that they are women, that we are required to believe all such claims without hesitation and with enthusiasm. Women are required to accept men as women on command, and forbidden to say no or to ask any questions. If we fail to comply they will punish us.

It’s health and safety! Also, we should invited somebody trans!

Do the managers at the University of East Anglia want to bring their institution into disrepute? Because that is by god what they’re doing.

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