Step aside XX

Oh, man, this is the kind of thing that makes me totally furious. Well there are lots of those, but still – this especially. Another man in pearls steals women’s history.

Transgender Woman Will Lead Gender Studies Program At Rutgers

Next up:

White Man Will Lead Critical Race Theory Program At Rutgers

Just kidding, they would never do that. Never never never. They would eat broken glass before they would do that. But women? Oh that’s completely different…because, you see, women are karens, so they have privilege over men in pearl necklaces.

Rutgers University: Catherine Fitzpatrick may be the first openly transgender woman in the U.S. to lead a women’s and gender studies program

That is, “Catherine” Fitzpatrick may be the first openly male person in the U.S. to lead a women’s and gender studies program, but we bet he won’t be the last!

An English literature professor at the university since 2014, Fitzpatrick believes she may be the first openly transgender woman in the country to lead a Women’s and Gender Studies program.

And has no qualms about it. Fitzpatrick has no qualms about taking a job that should have gone to a woman, because we have all now been instructed that trans women are more oppressed than women, and thus get to grab everything that used to belong to women, including even the subject “women” and the discipline women’s studies. Women are second best and frankly should just…well, you know, stay home and bake pies.

There are openly transgender scholars who lead other programs and departments at the university level, according to Yale professor Susan Stryker, one of the country’s foremost scholars on gender issues. But when Fitzpatrick was asked to take the helm of a program dedicated to the study of women and gender – an appointment Stryker also thinks is a first for a transgender woman – it felt like the ultimate validation of her true self.

And that, of course, is infinitely more important than the validation of the fact that women matter too, just as men matter. Sorry laydeez that’s old hat, we don’t believe that any more. Trans women matter, but you, not so much. I like cherry pie the best.

“I think I can now announce that I have accepted the position of director of Women’s Studies at Rutgers University-Newark. Relatedly, we can finally answer the age-old question, ‘how do I know when my transition is over?'” she wrote in a tweet this fall.

That’s what matters – his transition. Not women, not the movement to free women from the rules and limits imposed on them from time immemorial, no, just the transition of a man to a pretend-woman.

Though she was showered with congratulatory tweets from followers, Fitzpatrick’s happy moment also drew out trolls questioning her appointment. And she knows she will be hounded by some feminist groups that reject the role of trans women in the feminist movement once her story is shared on social media.

Yes how dare women think that feminism is for women just as BLM is for black people. How dare women think they get to say men are not women however much they like to fantasize that they are. How dare they say anything at all, really.

“I think this is precisely the thing that certain feminists feel is a betrayal. The argument tends to recycle itself because there are always new transwomen coming out,” she said. “They come for people without any provocation, but if you avoid engaging them online, they get bored and go away.”

So he gets that we “feel” it’s a betrayal, but he also doesn’t care, and feels entitled to ignore us until we go away.

However, Fitzpatrick is quick to point out that while a trans lady running a Women’s and Gender Studies program is “cool,” it has not escaped her that she is another white professor in a position of power at one of the most diverse universities in the nation. She said she is committed to using her new role to represent marginalized communities – especially those in Newark.

Wow. That rubs it in even more. Taking a woman’s job is “cool” but oh oh oh he’s a white professor, oh oh oh where are some marginalized communities he can represent? Maybe some of those bitches could draw up a list for him during breaks from pie-baking?

“I don’t want to think about trans-only issues,” she said. “I want courses that talk about a much broader bases of things, courses that focus on race, disability, the struggle for sex worker’s rights and Mad Pride (mental health) movements.”

Every fucking god damn thing except the struggle for women’s rights. Because it’s become so “cool” to hand those over to men.

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