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Divvi De Vendre, a candidate running in the federal election, says an article about her in the Daily Telegraph was inaccurate and a “put down” of her and her party.

The Daily Telegraph published an article on Thursday claiming a Sydney lawyer and writer named Anna Kerr had been “silenced” when a paragraph of a column she wrote for women’s media website Women’s Agenda, which detailed De Vendre’s identity as a “transgender woman”, was cut.

This is confusing stuff. What’s interesting about it is that Australia has a new party, called the Women’s Party, that was registered in February 2019. The punchline is that it was set up by this person Divvi De Vendre, who is a trans woman.

It’s my view that trans women should not do things like this. Ever. They should not put themselves forward to run things that are for women – parties, campaigns, lists, contests, you name it. It’s domineering and intrusive and just rude, for male people who Identify As women to take over women’s organizations and parties and movements.

Meanwhile De Vendre doesn’t like being called a trans woman.

But De Vendre said she “objects” to being called a transgender woman as “it implies someone who is still transitioning to female”.

“I am a woman physically and mentally,” she said. “The taxation department says I’m a woman, my passport says that I’m a woman, my doctors say that I am a woman.”

Because the system has been rigged to force them to “say” that, but that doesn’t make it true.

“I’ve been fully transitioned for three years now,” De Vendre said. “I am a woman physically, mentally and my hormone base is estrogen.”

So move over, bitches, he’s taking the reins.

De Vendre said it wasn’t just a “put down” of her but of her micro-party, which is running candidates in two seats this election.

“This is a put down of the Women’s Party and the Women’s Party is not about me, it’s about women,” she said.

Right, so go away and leave women alone.

About Women’s Agenda removing the paragraph that said De Vendre is trans –

Women’s Agenda publisher Tarla Lambert said she made the call to take out the paragraph.

“I was worried about the implications of it and how it could be construed as insensitive to the trans community,” Lambert told BuzzFeed News.

“I acknowledge that it is a complex debate but as a publication we err on the side of sensitivity toward minorities and we are not apologetic about that.”

Minorities? At the expense of women? So they err on the side of sensitivity toward a tiny number of men at the expense of women, ignoring the power imbalance between men and women? They should be apologetic about that.

“I love being a bloody woman for God’s sake,” [De Vendre] said. “The most important thing you can be in your life is who you are authentically.”

“Authentically,” which apparently means the opposite of “literally.” There are the dull this-world facts, and then there is Authentically, which is whatever we enjoy thinking about ourselves. I’m Authentically 10 feet tall and swift as a cheetah and fierce as an eagle. Aren’t we all.

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