Talk about internalised misogyny

It turns out that cringey BBC “let’s you trash ‘Karens'” tweet didn’t go down all that well.

Really not well at all. I’ve scrolled and scrolled and haven’t seen a “good stuff” reply yet.

Helen Joyce: I can only shudder when I think just how ashamed these women are going to be of their ageist younger selves in, ooh, about 15 years. Talk about internalised misogyny


You would [think] after being dragged to court by its experienced female presenters for age & sex discrimination that the bbc would have learned it’s lesson. Sadly no. The broadcaster thinks broadcasting pejorative ageist & sexist language & popular abuse among the woke crowd i[s] ok.

Exploding head
Face with symbols over mouth

ThePen: ‘Don’t be so loud’. When did these libfems decide it was their job to help men in shutting up women? When did racism become women’s problem to solve? And calling women ‘Karens’ is just another silencing mechanism. The self loathing of these young women makes me want to weep.

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