The audience responded with a loud chorus of boos

Meeting to discuss mask policy postponed because

… because dozens of people not wearing masks filled the room.

Well at least they’re sincere.

Utah County Commissioner Tanner Ainge said Wednesday the gathering in Provo, Utah violated current health recommendations and moved to suspend the meeting until a later date. His motion to adjourn was approved with a 2-to-1 vote, with the dissent coming from a commissioner who had organized the meeting.

“This is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing,” Ainge said at the meeting. “We are supposed to be physically distancing, wearing masks.”

The audience responded with a loud chorus of boos. 

Because…why? Do they really want to make health and safety a libbrul thing and disease and peril a conservative thing?

Angry residents react when the Utah County Commission meeting was adjourned before it even started, Wednesday, July 15, 2020, in Provo, Utah. The group protesting against face masks being required in schools removed the social distancing tape on the chairs and filled the Utah County Commission room to over flowing, prompting Commissioner Tanner Ainge to call for a vote to adjourn the meeting.
Rick Egan

Apparently the rationale is that it’s about who gets to make the rules aka you’re not the boss of me aka freedom freedom freedom.

Carly Lisonbee said Ainge and others wanted to “override a parent’s decision over what they think is best for their child.”

“I think you’re forgetting we live in America,” Lisonbee said, according to the Herald. “And we the people decide. You work for we the people, not the other way around.”

So murderers get to “decide” that they can murder at will? Arsonists get to “decide” they can set people’s houses on fire at 3 a.m.? (There was once an arsonist who did exactly that roaming north Seattle when I lived in north Seattle. It was a nervous time until he was caught. A bunch of people died when he did it to a nursing home.) Men get to “decide” they can rape women?

It doesn’t work like that. Along with the infrastructure and the regular food and water and Netflix there are some rules. You can’t have the first without the second.

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