The beautiful suburbs

Trump did another publicly funded campaign speech in the Rose Garden yesterday. He promised to Keep America Racist.

The Democrats in D.C. have been and want to, at a much higher level, abolish our beautiful and successful suburbs by placing far-left Washington bureaucrats in charge of local zoning decisions. They are absolutely determined to eliminate single-family zoning, destroy the value of houses and communities already built, just as they have in Minneapolis and other locations that you read about today. Your home will go down in value and crime rates will rapidly rise.

Oh, gee, I wonder what he’s talking about there. Why would zoning make crime rates go up?

Joe Biden and his bosses from the radical left want to significantly multiply what they’re doing now. And what will be the end result is you will totally destroy the beautiful suburbs. Suburbia will be no longer as we know it. So they wanted to defund and abolish your police and law enforcement while at the same time destroying our great suburbs.

The beautiful suburbs? The “radical left” and their stooge Biden want to destroy our great and beautiful suburbs? What suburbs? Why?

It’s called white flight. It’s real. Trump thinks we need to cling to it.

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