The magic of saying

Another actor who has fame and fortune entirely because of Joanne Rowling but chooses to turn her back on her in public anyway.

And, again, the claim is a crock of shit. The formula “trans people are who they say they are” is true (but obvious) if she means trans people are trans people if they say they are, but it’s not true if she means (as of course she does) that trans people are the sex they are not if they say they are. I’m not a llama if I say I am, you’re not an armchair if you say you are, they’re not the delegation from Planet Remulac if they say they are. Saying isn’t a guarantee of truth. Saying is just saying. Other things being equal, sure, we trust what people tell us unless we have a reason not to, but that does not translate to a rule that people are what they say they are, no questions asked, period, you’re an evil demon if you disagree.

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