The new boss just like

This isn’t like other protests. This is the protesters threatening, browbeating, and assaulting people attending a discussion of women’s rights. It’s mostly men threatening and assaulting mostly women.

The woman in the pink hat is holding a sign that says “women’s voices matter,” and a large man lunges at her and shoves her. So…women’s voices don’t matter? They’re going with that? That’s what they want to tell us?

The “protesters” hop up and down screaming “TERFs out!”

They’re not protesting exploitation or oppression or injustice…they’re protesting women who are trying to defend their rights against men who demand – with menaces – admission to the category “women” despite the brute fact that they are men. That’s not a glorious cause, that’s not a people’s flag, that’s not freedom, that’s not no child shall go hungry, it’s not anything resembling a path to a better world. It’s men bullying and pushing and demanding and punishing. It’s the same old boss just like the same old boss. It’s ugly, it’s angry, it’s mean, it would stamp on you if it could.

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