The scary plane to Wherever

Here he is vouching for the complete and utter truth of his claim about that mysterious plane full of scary people in dark clothes.

See, there was a person on a plane, and there were about six people like that person, and the entire plane filled up with that other kind of people. (Could this possibly be code for white people on the one hand and black people on the other hand? Surely not. Surely surely not.)

The plane filled up with The Looters and The Anarchists and The Rioters, people that were obviously Looking For Trouble, and The Person felt very uncomfterbul on the plane, this would be a person that You Know, so I’ll see whether or not I can get That Person to Speak To You, but this was A Firsthand Account of a Plane going from Washington to Wherever, and I’ll see if I can get that informashun for you, maybe they’ll Speak to You, maybe they won’t.

Well! There’s no arguing with that!

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