The stars aligned

What was Barr’s role?

Attorney General William Barr was part of the decision to expand the perimeter around the White House Monday, CBS News has confirmed, pushing protesters who were assembled there from the area before President Trump delivered remarks and walked across the street to survey a damaged historic church.

A Justice Department official told CBS News the decision was made late Sunday or early Monday morning to move the perimeter keeping protesters from getting close to the White House back one block. The official said it was a coordinated decision, and Barr advised it was the correct move.

The Justice Department official said the president’s movement’s did not have any bearing on the decision to extend the perimeter around the White House. Barr went to observe the scene at Lafayette Park after visiting a command center Monday afternoon and was surprised to see it hadn’t been moved as intended. The official said Barr then met with police to discuss moving the perimeter. Afterward, officers began pushing protesters from the park.

The decision was made to move the perimeter Sunday night or Monday morning, then later Monday Barr took a look and was shocked shocked to see that nothing had happened and told the police to hurry up and get it done. It was SHEER COINCIDENCE that Trump went marching up to that church moments later. Sheer coincidence I tell you.

Trump actually pumped his nasty little fist at the cops on Monday.

President Trump walks between lines of riot police in Washington, D.C.

Barr held a press conference just now (or perhaps is still holding it).


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