They all view us as

An item from Friday:

U.S. President Donald Trump said he had spoken to a number of world leaders in recent days, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and “they all view us as the world leader” when it comes to fighting coronavirus, “and they’re following us.”

Nope. No they don’t, no they aren’t, no they haven’t, no they won’t. Not even a little tiny bit.

Trump was speaking to Republican members of the U.S. Congress on Friday. Citing calls with Merkel, Japan’s Shinzō Abe and other, unnamed leaders, he said “so many of them, almost all of them, I would say all of them” believe the U.S. is leading the way when it comes to tackling the virus.

That progression is so typical of him. He tells the lie and then expands it and then expands it some more – apparently oblivious to how he’s giving away the fact that he’s making it all up. “so many of them, almost all of them, I would say all of them” – Start modestly, just say “so many,” but then feel a stab of pain at the inadequacy and move to “almost all” but then instantly feel the anguish of “almost” and make it oh what the hell all of them, “I would say all of them” because that’s just what a pinhead I am.

Then he says “not everybody wannoo admit it but they all view us as…[pause] the world leader, and they’re following us.”

Not everybody do wannoo admit it, that’s very true, and in fact none of them wants to admit it, and they don’t admit it, and they can’t “admit” it because it isn’t true. They could say it, and it would be untrue, but they can’t “admit” it. I can’t “admit” that I’m forty feet tall, because I’m not.

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