This presidential behavior is all too familiar

Even the National Review can see this one.

So far in this crisis, Donald Trump himself has obviously failed to rise to the challenge of leadership, and it does no one any favors to pretend otherwise…

The failures of leadership at the top, however, show no sign of being corrected. In a serious public-health crisis, the public has the right to expect the government’s chief executive to lead in a number of crucial ways: by prioritizing the problem properly, by deferring to subject-matter experts when appropriate while making key decisions in informed and sensible ways, by providing honest and careful information to the country, by calming fears and setting expectations, and by addressing mistakes and setbacks.

Trump so far hasn’t passed muster on any of these metrics. He resisted making the response to the epidemic a priority for as long as he could — refusing briefings, downplaying the problem, and wasting precious time. He has failed to properly empower his subordinates and refused to trust the information they provided him — often offering up unsubstantiated claims and figures from cable television instead. He has spoken about the crisis in crude political and personal terms. He has stood in the way of public understanding of the plausible course of the epidemic, trafficking instead in dismissive clichés. He has denied his administration’s missteps, making it more difficult to address them.

Indeed – and all that is entirely typical of Trump. I wonder if the editorial board of the National Review is pausing to think about it.

This presidential behavior is all too familiar. It is how he has gotten through scandals and fiascos for more than three years in office. But those were all essentially political in nature, and most were self-created.

Oh look, they admit it. Yes, it is all too familiar, and that’s one reason he is such a disaster. Has TNR been saying that all along?

The country has been lucky in the Trump era, largely avoiding the sorts of major, unforeseen crises that make the greatest demands of the modern presidency. That luck has now run out, and this demands a new level of seriousness from the president and those around him.

Whoopee; the country hasn’t actually been incinerated while he was president. Lucky us, but sad about all the people he’s harmed, wildlife he’s destroyed, air and water he’s opened up to poisoning, and similar details.

President Trump needs to rise to this challenge. His partisan adversaries are sure he can’t. We hope he proves them wrong.

What a stupid conclusion. They’ve just admitted that he’s an incompetent hack, and then they call everyone else “partisan” for saying the same thing. We’re sure he can’t because he shows us he can’t every minute of every day! It’s not just “partisan.” I prefer the Dems because they’re slightly less ruthless to us non-billionaires than the Republicans, and go ahead and call that “partisan” if you want, but Trump is evil for countless reasons that aren’t even about policy.

But I too “hope” he won’t kill us all.

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