Two bad men

Stumbling Don wants to put the kibosh on Bolton’s “I refuse to testify” book.

Donald Trump is set to sue to stop the publication of a tell-all book by John Bolton, his third national security adviser, ABC News reported on Monday.

They’ve already delayed publication by saying it has seekrits.

Bolton, a former ambassador to the United Nations, was national security adviser between April 2018 and September 2019. Controversially, Bolton did not testify in impeachment proceedings against Trump which focused on Ukraine and Trump’s attempts to bully the government there to investigate his political rival Joe Biden.

“Controversially” is putting it mildly. He’s a rat bastard and traitor.

“What Bolton saw astonished him,” his publisher said. “A president for whom getting re-elected was the only thing that mattered, even if it meant endangering or weakening the nation.”

Oh ffs. That didn’t astonish him. How could it? It’s been on view, in big neon lights, all along – and by “all along” I mean all of Trump’s rotten life. John Bolton can’t possibly have been even mildly surprised to find that Trump doesn’t give a shit about anything at all other than Trump.

It is not clear the current threat will work. In January 2018, Trump threatened to sue to stop the publication of Fire and Fury, a book by Michael Wolff, after the Guardian broke news of its sensational content. Publisher Henry Holt responded by rushing the book to the public.

More of a publicity boost than a threat.

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