We continue our relentless racist bullshit

Another White House press conference on the pandemic. Look how this festering sack of shit starts it.

Look at how he does it. Look at that pause after “defeat” – look at that guilty glance sideways before he says it.

It’s not written down. That’s what the pause and the glance tell us – along with who would do that? – they tell us he ad-libs it.

It’s racist, obviously, and it’s all the more racist given that he’s been told it’s racist repeatedly, but even more – it’s not even technically correct, it’s not what the health officials are calling it, it’s not the epidemiological or medical term for it, it’s not the generally-agreed name for it, and during a rapidly exploding pandemic a head of state should not be using his own whimsical racist nickname for that pandemic.

Ya know?

How are we supposed to be able to trust that the incompetent racist toad has finally stopped lying and is getting serious when he does this every day?

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