We told you three times

Now we go from Edinburgh students to Cambridge students:

A Labour councillor of 10 years and former deputy leader at Cambridge City Council has resigned over a motion on transgender rights.

The motion, brought by the Liberal Democrats to a session of the full council on Thursday (October 22), began with the words: “Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary individuals are non-binary.”

In other words the brainless reality-denying mantra that people are being forced to agree to or be shunned and possibly fired. This situation is grotesque – that people are being forced, on pain of losing their jobs and facing persecution, to say they agree with a stupid reality-denying lie.

The mantra being forced on people is not “Nobody should be shunned or fired or bullied for failing to obey gender stereotypes.” The mantra being forced on people requires them to agree that men are women and women are men. It’s like something out of a crude satire.

The ruling Labour group supported an amended version of the motion, which started with the three same sentences and received majority support.

Kevin Price , who represented King’s Hedges for the Labour party, said he could not support those words, saying they would “send a chill down the spines” of “many women,” and saying it is “foolish to pretend” there are not widely different views or concerns about women’s rights.

He said he has not voted against a Labour motion in his 10 years on the council, and said he did not intend to break that “principle”, and instead announced his resignation to the meeting, saying there are times when conscience “must be weighed against the pull of party”.

He also said that obviously trans rights are human rights.

But he added: “The inclusion of the first three sentences of this motion will send a chill down the spines of the many women who believe there is a conflict of rights and who want to be able to discuss those in a calm and evidenced-based way, as indeed was shown by world rugby in its recent decision to exclude transgender women in those areas of the sport which it controls on the grounds of safety and fairness for women.”

Dude’s been listening. Good man. I wish more would.

He said it is “foolish to pretend that there are not widely differing views in the current debate or that many people, especially women, are [not] concerned about the impact on women’s sex-based rights from changes both in legislation and within society and who fear, not only that those rights are under threat, but that they are unable to raise legitimate questions and concerns without a hostile response. The treatment of Rosie Duffield and JK Rowling has made clear that those concerns are well founded.”

By all accounts he was an excellent councillor, who got things done.

Lib Dem councillor Markus Gehring said: “I feel very sad that Cllr Price had to decide to resign rather than supporting what is a fundamental right, what is a human right for all people. I’m not fully understanding his motivation because I think inclusiveness is all over this motion.”

It is not a fundamental human right to force people to agree that you are what you are not. It was not the Inquisition’s fundamental human right to force Galileo to recant, and it’s not anyone’s fundamental human right to force people to agree that men are women if they say they are.

Then comes an absolute torrent of patronizing stupid:

Labour councillor Dave Baigent said he was in favour of the motion but expressed sympathy for those who struggle with change.

He said: “I respect people and listen to people who have difficulty with change, so I appreciate my comrade who has just resigned from the Labour Party for doing something because he wasn’t prepared to vote against what the Labour Party was suggesting, nor would I.

“That trans men are men and trans women are women is something that comes automatically to me because I have spent 30 to 40 years of my life fighting for people’s equality.”

It’s not about equality. The mantra is not “trans people have a right to equality with everyone else,” the mantra is transwomenarewomen and transmenaremen. Those are different claims; they are different kinds of claims. The first is political or philosophical, the second is ontological.

He said he has seen a range of changes as different groups battled for equality during his lifetime. He added: “It’s a very difficult area when things change in your life and your whole belief system is changed, so I understand people with difficulties over trans change, because I watched in 1965 when people said that black people were equal and people around me just couldn’t believe it, and I found that very hard at that time and I find it hard now that people have difficulty, but people do have difficulty.”

ARRRGGHH. Not the same. Price is not saying trans people are not equal and he’s not “having difficulty” believing trans people are equal. Pay attention.

It’s a damn tragedy that he had to resign.

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