What right would that be exactly?

Again with this baffler.

That last one is the baffler. WHY is it their general human rights position that people have a right to have their gender identity recognized? WHY??

What they mean by “gender identity” is “fictional gender that is the opposite of the real one.” We dull-normal people don’t have “gender identities” because we forgot to decide to have one and now it’s too late, we can’t take it seriously. “Gender-identity”=claim to be the sex you aren’t. WHY would people have a “right” to have that recognized? Why why WHY? Nobody ever explains it, they just assert it.

It can’t be a right to force people to agree with your personal lie about yourself. That’s just not workable, or reasonable, or fair. I still don’t understand why venerable human rights organizations are taking the idea so seriously. I’ll never understand it.

What do they mean by “officially recognised for who they are”? The problem is that it’s who they are not. Why is it a moral duty to agree that people are what they are not?

The nonsense about “differential treatment based on their identities” is also gibberish. Why wouldn’t murderers and rapists just say their identities are “murderer” and “rapist” and it’s discrimination to give them differential treatment such as arrest and prosecution and imprisonment.

People have lost their damn minds.

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