I’m confused by this.

The clip shows a couple walking their dog in an empty landscape, and captions it “Not Essential.” It shows several more like that – people very social distanced indeed, getting fresh air and exercise.

What, exactly, is the problem? The Derbyshire cops seem to be confusing the pandemic with the war. Fuel isn’t rationed, nobody has to invade Europe right now, we can still find oranges.

But what if daily exercise taken locally to your home is more crowded than the Peaks? What if it’s harder to maintain social distance in your nabe than it is in the Peaks?

I just don’t understand what they’re talking about. Strolling around on the High Street just for the hell of it is a terrible idea, and clustering in popular national park spots is also a terrible idea, but surely finding an empty place and walking in that is a good idea.

What am I missing?

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