Why non-trans women don’t matter

Another man who “identifies as” a woman says this is all fine and poses no harm to women.

Alex Sharpe is “a social and legal theorist, legal historian and gender, sexuality and law scholar and activist”; source Garden Court Chambers. Sharpe is also a trans woman.

The article is pay-walled, and very expensively so – $42 for a single article! – but we can read the abstract.

This article considers and rejects claims [that] reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA) to allow gender self‐declaration will undermine non‐trans women’s rights and lead to an increase in harms to non‐trans women.

Note that he calls us “non-trans women” as opposed to just women. We’re just one category of women now, and being explained to ourselves by men who say they are women. It’s not getting more convincing or persuasive over time.


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