Wollstonecraft was an idea

More hot air and confusion:

Hambling told PA Media that the statue was every woman and clothes would have restricted her to a time and place. “It’s not a conventional heroic or heroinic likeness of Mary Wollstonecraft. It’s a sculpture about now, in her spirit,” she said.

Bee Rowlatt, a writer who has been a central figure in the fight to have a statue of Wollstonecraft, said the statue represented “an idea of collaboration” and the birth of feminism.

How? How does it represent that? Who would look at it and see that? And anyway it’s supposed to be about Mary Wollstonecraft, not collaboration or generalized feminism. It’s so classic, in a way – this falling into the trap of agreeing that women must not stand out, women must support the group and never the self. By all means create monuments to collaboration and solidarity and the birth of movements. The more the better! But don’t hijack a monument to a specific woman for the purpose. That’s just yet another erasure, and erasure is what we’re trying to end.

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