A string of new and unusual terms

Harry Lambert at the New Statesman starts his piece on Helen Joyce’s book with an observation:

When the Labour government introduced the Gender Recognition Act in 2004, few involved in its implementation expected that 17 years later Britain’s leading medical journal, the Lancet, would refer to women as “bodies with vaginas” in an effort to be gender inclusive.

That phrase is the latest in a string of new and unusual terms (“people who menstruate”, “birthing people”, “bleeders”) used to describe women. This change in language is the product of a rapid shift in Western culture towards the idea that biological reality is a social construct.

Yes but what else? There’s another piece to this puzzle.

The what else is that it’s women this is done to. It’s not men. It’s women who get erased, and it’s not men. No “bodies with penises” on the cover of the Lancet. No much-admired man’s words altered by the ACLU. No talk of “people” needing vasectomies on National Public Radio.

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