Aidan is puzzled

Vigilance! Eternal vigilance! You can’t ever have enough of it, and the object can’t ever be too many connections away. If you know someone who has a friend who has a neighbor who has a colleague who approved of someone who committed wrongthought once ten years ago or so, you are a legitimate object of vigilance, censure, and ostracism.


Slow down, Captain Vigilance. Why they what? Why they follow an account, that has a pinned link, to an online shop, that includes in its merchandise a banner?

Does Captain Vigilance seriously think that people examine all the tweets of person X before following person X? Does he think people examine all those tweets so minutely that they check to see what that linked online shop sells, and by “what that online shop sells” I mean every single item?

There’s also the question of why he thinks it’s any of his business anyway, but we know that already. Step one in my Flight From the Wokies was Improbable Joe on Twitter demanding why I was following Helen Lewis and Glosswitch. To this day I don’t understand why people think that’s a question they’re entitled to ask.

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