An opinion she has been vocal about

Even the Sunday Times treats Kathleen Stock as a provocateur who insists on thinking wack thoughts like “men can’t become women.”

A university professor has told how she may need to be accompanied by bodyguards on campus and has been advised to install CCTV outside her home, following a row with students about her views on transgender rights.

Like that. It’s not a “row with students”; it’s students threatening her with violence.

Kathleen Stock, a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, does not believe people can change their biological sex, an opinion she has been vocal about in her academic work and on social media. Critics have accused her of being transphobic.

And like that. Of course she doesn’t believe people can change their biological sex, because they can’t. That’s not an eccentric view or a backward view or a denial of new knowledge. People can get various surgeries and take hormones to mimic the sex they aren’t, but that’s all they can do. They can’t become the other sex any more than they can become birds by pasting feathers on their arms.

As students have returned to university in recent weeks, tensions have escalated.

And like that. It’s not that “tensions have escalated,” it’s that some students have made outrageous violent threats against Stock.

The backlash has led to police telling her she should stay off campus for now and teach classes online. Officers have become so concerned about her safety that she has been given a direct hotline to call.

Because she understands that humans can’t literally change sex.

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