Feeling unsafe

JL at the Glinner Update is not impressed by “Jaclyn” Moore and his performative fury at Dave Chapelle.

John “Jaclyn” Moore is a TV executive, a career forged prior to his newly discovered ‘gender identity’. He was a writer and co-showrunner on Netflix series, Dear White People. On Wednesday he announced on social media that he isn’t going to work for the streaming service again, accusing it of “Promoting and profiting from dangerous transphobic content”.

Variety interviewed Moore about his decision and allowed him to bellyache, at length, about Chappelle’s ‘dangerous rhetoric’. The article was, of course, accompanied by photos of Moore performing the coy head tilt and winsome expression we’ve come to expect when entitled white males opine about being The Most Oppressed.

Head tilt, simper, heavy makeup, huge earrings – he’s such a gurrl.

In his Variety interview, Moore maintains that Chappelle’s ‘rhetoric and language’ make him feel unsafe and claims to be have been physically attacked when using a women’s bathroom.

Moore is 6 feet 5 inches tall (even without his heels). It’s hard to imagine any woman daring to challenge his presence in a ladies’ room when he towers over everyone in there.

Head tilt is one thing, and pretending a 6’5″ man is “unsafe” in women’s bathrooms is another.

Moore went on to claim that Chappelle’s material is the reason why he isn’t seen as a ‘real woman’. He said, “People are laughing at this joke and they’re agreeing that it’s absurd to call me a woman.

The reason people don’t see John as a ‘real woman’ is because he isn’t one. He’s a man who has watched too much pornography, a fact made patently obvious by the photographs he posts on social media. Like this picture, posted only a few months ago, of his male genitalia barely contained in sheer lilac panties.

There’s that photo and a bunch more, each more sickening than the last. Meanwhile Kathleen Stock isn’t sure she can continue teaching.

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