Another knife in the back

Even…wait for it…Science-based Medicine.

Two days ago:



Book Review: Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, by Abigail Shrier

According to Harriet Hall, Abigail Shrier’s book describes a disturbing trend: an increasing number of adolescent girls who suddenly self-identify as transgender and demand puberty blockers and gender surgeries. We have no data on how many of them will suffer irreversible damage and regret their decision, and it appears that at least some of them have been unduly influenced by peer pressure, the internet, and by therapists who follow the affirmative care model. (Editor’s note: This post is currently under review by the founding and managing editors of SBM due to concerns expressed over its scientific accuracy and completeness. Until that review is complete, it has been removed from the blog.)

Concerns over its scientific accuracy and completeness? Really? Not over its failure to say the mandatory things? Not its failure to stick closely to the approved ideology?

Science-based. Ha.

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