Another late anti-vaxxer

Another last minute tune-changer:

An anti-vaccine right-wing radio host in West Palm Beach, Florida died Wednesday from COVID-19 complications.

Dick Farrel, 65, used his local talk show and social media to rail against Dr. Anthony Fauci, who he called a “power tripping lying freak,” and say that no one should get the coronavirus vaccine. When COVID-19 sent him to the hospital for three weeks, though, he changed his tune, urging friends to get vaccinated, friends told local station WPTV.

Of the two, which is more of a power-tripping lying freak? The medical expert with decades of experience with lethal viruses and how to prevent and treat them? Or the bloviating radio host who took it all back once the virus bit him in the ass?

I’m fed up with this shit. I’m fed up to the back teeth with lying grifting shouting screaming know-nothing murderous MEDIA HACKS busily undoing the work of people like Fauci. I’m all the more fed up because I’ve just been reading the Twitter rants of a former friend, someone who used to comment here, someone who used to be sane, who has now joined the campaign to persuade people that Fauci is evil, that vaccination is evil, that people who urge vaccination are evil. In the choice between urging people not to get COVID and urging people to get COVID, he’s chosen the second. It’s gruesome.

Back to dead radio host:

Farrel wrote in early July, “Vaccine Bogus Bull Shid!, Two peeps I know, got vaxed, now have Corona, hospitalized critical. Thank you Moderna, FOR NOTHING!” He erroneously told his followers they would not need the vaccine if they had already survived COVID-19. The CDC has advised former coronavirus patients to get vaccinated.

Two days later, he wrote, “Why take a vax promoted by people who lied 2u all along about masks.” He called Fauci “FOOT-chee” and said that the infectious disease expert and “power trip libb loons” Democrats were conspiring to make it seem like the pandemic was ongoing so they could grab more power.

In late June, he wrote, “So, u think it wasn’t a SCAM DEMIC? NOT ONE ELECTED DEMOCRAT ever tested positive.” He called masks “face diapers” and “face pantys.”

Farrel is one among several recent deaths of anti-vaccine advocates who have succumbed to COVID-19. Just this week, a Republican city councilman in Texas fought rapid and fatal bout with the virus that saw him hospitalized and dead within three days. He had used his position to advocate against vaccines and face masks.

People should stop doing that. They should stop using any position (including a Twitter account) to advocate against vaccines and masks. Doing that is evil and people should stop it.

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