Ban the truth from schools

About that “Moms for Liberty” complaint:

A Tennessee chapter of the right-wing group Moms for Liberty has tried to use the state’s new law aimed at banning “critical race theory” in school to ban a book about Martin Luther King Jr.

I have a feeling the “Moms” for liberty are for liberty for themselves but not so much for other people – people who teach history that isn’t all We Have Always Been Awesome, for instance.

Tennessee Republicans earlier this year passed a law in response to the conservative panic about “critical race theory,” barring the teaching of certain concepts in classrooms including “teaching that one race or sex is inherently superior to another; ascribing character traits, values, moral or ethical codes to a specific race or sex; that the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist or that a meritocracy is inherently racist or sexist,” according to The Tennessean. Critics argue that Republicans in Tennessee and around the country are trying to ban the teaching of history they don’t like.

I’d be more specific about it: history they don’t like because it doesn’t claim we have always been flawless.

The first complaint filed to the state came from Robin Steenman, chair of the Moms for Liberty chapter in Williamson County, just south of Nashville. The 11-page complaint claims that the state’s widely used Wit and Wisdom literacy curriculum has a “heavily biased agenda” that makes kids “hate their country, each other and/or themselves.”

There’s a book about Martin Luther King, there’s a book about Ruby Bridges (which naturally includes the fact that enraged white people tried to prevent her from going to a “white” public school), there are photos of civil rights campaigners being blasted with fire hoses. News flash for the “Moms”: all that is part of US history, and not a minor part at that.

“The classroom books and teacher manuals reveal both explicit and implicit Anti-American, Anti-White, and Anti-Mexican teaching,” the complaint said. “Additionally, it implies to second grade children that people of color continue to be oppressed by an oppressive ‘angry, vicious, scary, mean, loud, violent, [rude], and [hateful]’ white population and teaches that the racial injustice of the 1960s exists today.”

Instead they should be taught that all that was stamped out no later than 1966 and everything has been completely fabulous ever since?

The state said no for this time because the paperwork was late, but urged another try.

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