Blasphemous pee

The blessings of religion:

An eight-year-old Hindu boy is being held in protective police custody in east Pakistan after becoming the youngest person ever to be charged with blasphemy in the country.

Not a record Pakistan should be trying to set.

The boy’s family is in hiding and many of the Hindu community in the conservative district of Rahim Yar Khan, in Punjab, have fled their homes after a Muslim crowd attacked a Hindu temple after the boy’s release on bail last week. Troops were deployed to the area to quell any further unrest.

Muslims and Hindus duke it out again! Nostalgia for Partition or the Babri Masjid riots or both?

The boy is accused of intentionally urinating on a carpet in the library of a madrassa, where religious books were kept, last month. Blasphemy charges can carry the death penalty.

Ffs. It’s a room, a carpet. Get the carpet cleaned or get a new one. Move on. If the story is even true, which it probably isn’t.

If gods are real they can’t be harmed by humans pissing or saying things. Gods don’t need humans to punish other humans on behalf of the gods. The whole idea is stupid as well as murderous.

Blasphemy laws have been disproportionately used in the past against religious minorities in Pakistan. Although no blasphemy executions have been carried out in the country since the death penalty was introduced for the crime in 1986, suspects are often attacked and sometimes killed by mobs.

All because people choose to invent irritable gods who pick on smaller weaker beings – to invent them and then to worship them. Religion is like an instruction manual for bullies. Delete and start over.

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