Imaginary crimes


No, chum, that’s wrong. The concept of “blasphemy” is pretty much the reason we need the concept of freedom of expression and speech and thought.

“Blasphemy” is a stupid word, invented to defend stupid ideas about supernatural bullies who are vastly more powerful than we are yet still need us to defend them against rude remarks by non-believers. What sense does that make? Why can’t your god do its own defending or rebuking or punishing? Why does it need you stepping in? Why does it need you all stern and serious telling us what we can’t say?

Your god is a human invention. Humans invent gods, in large part as a way to bully other humans. Gods are just a story. If they’re real they can take care of themselves, and if they’re not it doesn’t matter what rude things we say about them.

Have a little self-respect. Have it for yourself and have it for other humans too. Let gods take care of their own concerns and let humans mock them if we feel like it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do something useful.

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