Challenge with force

Does “with force” mean “with force”?

What views? The usual.

Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner has been accused of being transphobic but defended by refuge organisers for women after she criticised LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall.

The campaign group’s vision is that people born male who identify as women should be able to attend women’s prisons and crisis centres, whether or not they have begun to transition.

Attend? One doesn’t “attend” prisons, as if they were meetings of the book group, one is locked up in them, aka imprisoned. That’s part of the problem: there’s no escape. If there’s a man in womanface sharing your cell you can’t get away from him.

Lisa Townsend, who has been the Conservative PCC role for three months, said in an interview for Mail on Sunday that pushing to allow pre-transition trans women in such female-only environments was a “dangerous ideology”.

Pushing to allow any trans women to force themselves on women is a dangerous ideology.

Pride in Surrey said they want to work with the PCC “to educate on the issue of transphobia”, while Surrey councillor George Potter (LD, Guildford East) accused the PCC outright of being transphobic.

But Pride in Surrey also said they wanted to correct the PCC “with force.” Don’t leave that part out. Don’t acquiesce in their bullying.

Marc Jones, chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), came to her defence, saying: “Some services quite simply can’t function in a gender neutral way”, which Reigate MP Crispin Blunt said was an “evidence-free panicked response”.

How easy is it for Crispin Blunt to say that? This easy:

He has less reason to be afraid of being locked up with men than women have. Much less.

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