Feels like the Nazis

Yes, sure, the Nazis, the actual Nazis, with the concentration camps, the persecution and slaughter of leftists, labor unions, the disabled, the old, the sick, the mentally ill, the Romani (“gypsies”), lesbians and gays, and of course nearly all the Jews in Europe.

India Willoughby is not going to be sent to a concentration camp, much less an extermination camp. Nothing is going to happen to India Willoughby at all, except that fewer people will accept his claim to be a woman. That’s all. It’s not lethal, it’s not torture, it’s not confinement, it’s not forced labor, it’s just knowing a man is a man.

Why are we told we should exhibit more “kindness” toward people who are so deluded about their own importance that they claim to be victims of Nazism because a Lesbian Gay charity doesn’t endorse their fantasies?

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