Nazis of the air

What next? Bus drives are Nazis if they don’t let you throw bottles at people on the bus? Servers in restaurants are Nazis if they don’t let you push over all the tables? Bouncers are Nazis if they eject you from the bar for throwing a punch? Dog walkers are Nazis if they don’t let you kick their dogs?

Fox News pushing boundaries again:

Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren on Thursday joined a growing number of right-wing pundits and politicians comparing covid-19 restrictions to Nazism.

To Nazism. Because of what? Are there concentration camps? Is there forced labor? Are there extermination camps? I’m not seeing the Nazism. I’m not seeing the Fascism and I’m sure as hell not seeing the Nazism.

Being told “No” is not the same as Nazism.

Lahren took issue with some flight attendants’ enforcement of federal mask mandates on airplanes during a segment on the show “Outnumbered.”

“There are so many good flight attendants out there, but there are some flight attendants out there that take their job as the mask police to extremes, becoming almost Nazis of the air,” Lahren, a host on the Fox Nation subscription service, said. “And it’s ridiculous.”

No that’s not what’s ridiculous.

Lahren’s remarks come as some conservative politicians have drawn fire for comparing the enforcement of coronavirus policies to Nazi atrocities during the Holocaust. On Tuesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) called the people aiding President Biden’s push to encourage Americans to get vaccinated “medical brown shirts.”

Yes, because sound medical advice is exactly like street violence in aid of a future Nazi dictator.

Greene’s comments came weeks after she visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and apologized for previously comparing face-mask policies to the Nazi practice of labeling Jews with Star of David badges, The Washington Post’s Felicia Sonmez reported this week.

Actually the street violence seems to be coming from the other direction.

“If you talked with some flight attendants, they would certainly say this is the worst we’ve ever seen it,” Nelson said, less than a month after a passenger allegedly knocked out a flight attendant’s teeth. “It’s pervasive. There is constant conflict on board.”

Who are the brown shirts?

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