Guest post: Enforcing a code

Originally a comment by Roj Blake on Feeble.

The current gender wars are not a fight against the binary roles that constrict our society,

Oh deary me, here I was thinking that it was gender roles that were restricting. Men tough, women caring. Men hunt, women cook and clean. Men talk to god, who lets them know how women should dress, behave, and be docile wives.

Women’s liberation didn’t fight to end the sex binary, it was to set women free from their gendered roles and to make them equal in all aspects of life. And by achieving that, they also helped some men break from their gender assigned roles so they could become better partners to women.

TRAs are intent on enforcing a code of what a woman looks like, how she acts, how she submits, all while ignoring the “lived experience” of actual women. The TRA performance of woman is the same as that desired by MRAs and incels.

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